Perforated sheet iron for vibrating and revolving screens     

Possibility of any size, thickness and punching, in stainless, wear-resistant and high resistance steel. Bended and flat perforated sheet iron with hooks.

Perforated sheet iron hooks
Bended perforated sheet iron
Special features


     Wire screens     

High resistance steel wire screens available in any size, with any type of fixing edge, for all types of screens. Special anti-obstruction screens with possibility of polyurethane inserts.

Edged screens
Anti-obstruction screens


     Polyurethane panels     

Polyurethane guarantees long life service and wear-resistance besides anti-obstruction and low noise properties. Wide range of panels fitted on customer’s requirements. PANELS WITH WIRES – MODULAR PANELS FOR VIBRATING AND REVOLVING SCREENS – PANELS FOR DRYING SCREENS – POLYURETHANE COATED SHEET IRON.

Panels with hooks
Polyurethane panels




Rubber coated sheet iron is advisable for big sizes, in order to reduce noise and wear. Hot curing coating guarantees high quality.

Rubber coated sheet iron with hooks
Bended perforated sheet iron


     Buckets for dewatering machines     


Buckets are manufactured according to drawing or sample, in wear-resistant or stainless steel, with any type of perforation and are supplied with backing strips, welded and ready to be installed.

Perforated sheet buckets
Perforated sheet buckets


     Accessories for vibrating screens     


Locking screws – rubber or polyurethane hooks and loose pieces for fixing screens – brass or polyurethane nozzles of any size – rubber shapes for protection of screen holders.

Shapes and hooks
Nozzles and protection devices



The excellent quality/price ratio and a precise after-sales service make FIB one of the leading companies in this sector.

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